Charity Shop


Under supervision of the Finance Division

Second-hand Shop.

Income generating project.

OPEN:  Wednesday and Fridays; 10h00-12h30

Background to the project:

Bethesda has been operating this second-hand shop for the past 10 years and the shop has contributed yearly towards general income for Bethesda.

Angela Guillaume from the UK has a long-standing involvement with Bethesda and due to this fact the Charity Shop was named after her when it opened on the premises of Bethesda.

IMG_2585The shop originally started in the (now) Training Room and was then moved to a Wendy House; the aim of the move was to make the shop also accessible to members of the adjacent community.  This increased the client base of the shop from Bethesda staff only to the wider community surrounding Bethesda’s premises.

On the 27th of January 2012 we had a mini “Re-Opening” of the Charity Shop as upgrades and renovations were done to make the shop look BRAND-NEW again.

Bethesda welcomes ALL possible donations!!! Any items that can be used in the organization and to the benefit of our patients/children/families are first distributed according to need.  The items that are left, is the sold at the Charity Shop to generate income.  Thus ANY AND EVERY DONATION is always welcome.  We will even pick up the donation from the donor if necessary as well.


  • Supply Chain Management Clerk coordinates the Charity Shop and all donations made towards the shop.
  • Assistance is rendered by LOYAL VOLUNTEERS that are co-responsible for display, sales and customer care.

Typical Client:IMG_3118

  • Community members
  • Bethesda staff

Staff Members:

  • 1 Finance Manager (Supervision)
  • 1 Supply Chain Management Clerk (responsible for Donations)
  • Volunteers

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