Bethesda provides holistic, compassionate and sustainable care that improves quality of life

Bethesda was established in 2000 as a NPO (No: 020-521-NPO) and a Section 18 (A) company.

We have three main divisions

The Intermediate Care Facility

The facility has 36 beds (including 8 children’s beds) and delivers in-patient Palliative-, Sub-Acute- and Rehabilitation/Restorative Care.

Integrated Health And Wellness

Staff visit the patients in their own homes and does Health Screenings, Referrals to Primary Health Care, Health Prevention and Promotion of Wellness and Self-Management.

The Child and Youth Care Centre

The centre delivers Development- and Rehabilitation services to a maximum of 24 children in Residential Care.

About Us

At Bethesda we have:

  • 150 staff members as at present
  • An active, well-experienced and dedicated Board of Directors, that governs and directs the organization.
  • A CEO who controls the day-to-day operations of the organization.
  • A functioning Management Committee, equipped with a wide range of skills, experiences and expertise.
  • A holistic care approach: medical, rehabilitation, developmental, spiritual, psycho-social, family support.
More than 600

patient/community member contacts on a monthly basis.

More than 1800

visits per month

More than 40%

of our interventions are towards children

More than 30%

of our beneficiaries are infected by HIV / AIDS / TB

More than 60%

of our beneficiaries are affected by HIV / AIDS / TB

More than 50%

of our beneficiaries have cancer / life-limiting- or life-threatening illnesses / diseases of lifestyle

We are a 4-star Member Hospice of the Association of Palliative Care Centres (Formerly known as HPCA).


Additional services include:

  • Support Services: Kitchen (Outsourced), Laundry (Outsourced), Maintenance, Transport, Security, Admin and Finance.
  • Milestone Development Program for 18 months to 6-year-old that is called the Milestone.
  • Integrated School Health workers in George.

We care for our patients without costs to the patient or their families.

Our total operational budget is more than R15 million per year.

Even though we do receive some funding from the government departments, we cannot survive on that alone. We have an active Fundraising Initiative and Resource Division that raise funds/donations/CSI Allocations from the general public, corporate donors and other funding partners.

We have a comprehensive Needs List that indicates urgent needs per division and thus guides Fundraising and Proposed Projects.

We encourage people to remember Bethesda in their wills.

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