Support Divisions to the whole Organization

Background to the division:

In 2010 the need for Fundraising and continued Sustainability development was recognized by the Board and CEO as an immediate and urgent NEED.

The Projects Division started at the end of 2010 with the creation of a Projects Liaison Coordinator part-time position (that was allocated to the then-employed Occupational Therapist as an additional responsibility).  The division started with some basic Proposal writing and Donor Research; and has ever-since grown into a very strong division with Multiple functions.  Since this division has changed regarding Staff structure and responsibilities.

Scope of Operations:

The Projects Division (under close supervision of the CEO) coordinates and manages all aspects related to the following involvements:

  • Donor Research and –Liaison.
  • Development of Partnerships.
  • Corporate Fundraising, Grant Seeking and Proposal writing/submissions/follow-up.
  • Communication with current Donors/Funders and most related M&E.
  • Compilation of organizational Needs List and regular updating.
  • CSI Projects and –Initiatives.
  • All projects related to the Needs List and general involvement of corporates/communities/partners/institutions/companies/organizations etc.
  • Visits from Groups/Individuals/Potential or Current Funders/Donors/Interest Groups etc. (International and Local)
  • Coordination and Management of Grants/Specific Donations in terms of the specific project related to the allocation.
  • Assist in all Sustainability planning and related activities.
  • Coordination of Fundraising Committee and –meetings.
  • Weekly Bulletins to staff.
  • Organizational Newsletter.
  • Management of Bethesda Communication Database.
  • Networking.
  • General PR- and Marketing activities including Media communication; News; Branding; Pamphlets and Brochures; Representation at significant events; Talks and Awareness activities; Website management; Social Media coordination etc.

Long Term projects:

  • Wikkelwurms Development Program—Orphan & Vulnerable Children
  • Wheelchair repair

Short Term projects:

All these projects are regularly highlighted in our Quarterly Newsletters (can be accessed from this website) and will also be mentioned in the Partners, Events and Visits section of the website.

Staff Members:

  • Resource Development Manager (Part-time)
  • 1 Projects Operational Assistant


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